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  • January 30, 2021
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Except for Robin Arowana Farm and Robin’s official agent, please be careful when you buy Robin’s Super Red Arowana. Currently, there is a breeder named Spiegel Fish Farm who is claiming to be a producer and a distributor of Robin’s Arowana fish. You can see this at: ( Please don’t be fooled, Robin Arowana Farm has never done business with this particular breeder.

As you can see, Spiegel Fish Farm is a breeder that only wants to take advantage of the fame of Robin Arowana Farm. They have been copying the website of Robin Arowana Farm or just changed some parts of it. For example, the name of Robin HE has been changed to Mrs. Sheila as the name of the breed owner.

Just like Robin Arowana Farm, Spiegel Fish Farm’ website also has a microchip section titled CITES and Certificates. After careful investigation, Spiegel Fish Farm was found to sell fake fish on behalf Robin Arowana Farm. Obviously, this is an act of fraud. In this case, Robin Arowana Farm doesn’t want to disappoint any customer because of these irresponsible parties.

Because of this, we would like to remind all customers that the only Robin Arowana Farm’s official website is: If you have any questions or input, you can send it through our email:

Because quality is our main attention!