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  • January 31, 2021
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Robin Arowana Farm Receives Winning Achievement Again in Aquarama Contest 2015 

It’s good cooperation between Robin Arowana Farm and Arowana Ming Chia, our agent from Taiwan, which had successfully given outstanding results in Aquarama contest 2015 in Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center in May 28th-31st2015. As the greatest competition and aquatic exhibition show on earth, Robin Arowana Farm has achieved and won again The Grand Champion title, as we had defeated our rivals from different various countries.

Grand Champion

ROBIN HE – Robin Arowana Farm

We are so grateful to be the best and could surpass all competitors who also have a good quality of Arowana fish. This makes us proud to receive the title of Grand Champion. We hope that our agents have the same sense of pride in this winning title.

Mr. ROBIN HE and Mr. Kuo Tai Jie

However, although this is our 17th Grand Champion title, we will never stop and remain committed to being the best among the best. This winning spirit will be continuously blazing so that we could fulfill the needs of Robin Arowana Farm agents and our fanatical hobbyist of Champion quality Arowana fish.

 Mr. Glenn Angeles (RAF Agent from Philippines), Mr. ROBIN HE,
and Mr. Kuo Tai Jie

Mr. ROBIN HE, Mr. Kuo Tai Jie, and RAF Team

Therefore, in this great opportunity, please allow us to express our gratitude to the representatives of Robin Arowana Farm in the Aquarama 2015 event, Mr. Kuo Tai Jie, owner of Arowana Ming Chia in Taiwan for the cooperation so that everything could run smoothly.

The Competition and Exhibition Atmosphere

We also would like to thank profusely UBM as an executive committee and also the sponsors who have participated in succeeding in this prestigious event. Finally, we would like to express our gratefulness to the juries for their objective assessments and cooperation, which are Ms. Marge Hermoso (Philippines), Mr. Fong Ching Loon (Singapore), and Mr. Sharman Chou (Taiwan).  May Arowana fish world keeps getting glorious and victorious!

  Visitors’ Enthusiasm in Aquarama Contest 2015