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  • February 16, 2021
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Another achievement of Robin He – Robin Arowana Farm,  we became the Grand Champion of Arowana Show 2011 Competition held by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry at Mall of Indonesia on 17-25 September 2011. This year, RAF also takes the Young Grand Champion trophy as well. We also won these prizes:  1st prize super red class A 50cm –up, 1st prize super red class 30-40 cm, and 1st prize class E-unique class.

All of these prizes are another proof that our quality of Arowana is beyond others, a true champion quality Arowana. Since the Arowana competition starts in 2008, we have shown all hobbyists that our Arowana is the best in the world. In each of the classifications, whether grown, young, or special, we have the best Arowana. Hobbyists can trust us as the best breeder and will find their special champion Arowana in one of ours.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank all members of the competition committee and organizer, all the staff, and everyone who has supported us in this competition and also to all hobbyists in the world who encourage us to keep doing our best to be best Arowana farm.

Grand Champion Trophy

Young Grand Champion

1st Prize Super Red Class A 50 CM-UP

1st Prize Super Red Class C 30-40 CM-UP

1st Prize Class E – Unique Class