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  • February 16, 2021
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It is easier to win than to maintain. This old phrase is not only a figment but also has a deeper meaning. Especially when maintaining the Grand Champion title twelve times in a row. It’s not an easy job to do. However, we have proven to be the best at ACI CUP I Indonesian Arowana Contest & Expo 2013 that was held by Arowana Club Indonesia (ACI) at World Trade Centre Mangga Dua Jakarta–Indonesia on September 25-29, 2013.

Twelve is not a number slightly, it has taken us five years to gather this total. However, we are not stopping here, at this number 12. The dedication and commitment to keep producing champion’s grade Arowana fish aligns with the vision and mission of our founder, Mr. ROBIN HE. There is still a long road ahead. But with the hard work and through our experience, we believe that we can continue to innovate and compete.

No words can describe how meaningful this appreciation to us. Therefore, at this moment we would like to thank the participants for the success that we have achieved. First of all, to ACI CUP I Indonesia Arowana Contest & Expo 2013 that has been successfully organized the prestigious contest.

Lastly, we also would like to thank the Arowana hobbyists wherever you are for the prayer, suggestion, criticism, feedback, and constant attention that you gave so we can be the best.

The Judges and The Commitee.