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  • February 16, 2021
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Some people consider the number 8 is a lucky number. That said, the shape of number 8 which does not break symbolizes fortune and luck that life will never stop. The philosophy that inspired the founders of Robin Arowana Farm, Mr. Robin HE, to work and provide the best for the industry in Arowana Indonesia and overseas.

Robin Arowana Farm won the prestigious categories again at the event of Arowana Contest IPPAE on 7-9 December 2012 at WTC Mangga Dua Jakarta – Indonesia. Even more, Robin Arowana farm becomes the public Champion in this event. This is the eighth time in a row of Grand Champion titles at various Arowana competitions since 2008 – 2012. The categories that won in the IPPAE Arowana Contest 2012 are as follows:

1. Grand Champion – ROBIN HE
Category A (Super Red size of 50 cm)

2. Young Grand Champion – ROBIN HE
Category B (Super Red size 36-49 cm)

3. 1st Place – ROBIN HE
Category C (Super Red size 35 cm down)

These awards have wonderful year-end gifts for us. All the effort and hard work paid, and become our pride. Which are priceless this victory also makes us more motivated to continue to provide the best quality of best Arowana to hobbyists all around the world, for the progress of this industry in the future.