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  • February 16, 2021
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After the recently won Grand Champion Title in the Philippines, Robin Arowana Farm reached the same achievement during the “Festival City Link Cup 2014”. RAF again achieved the Grand Champion Title in the competition and Arowana fish exhibition named “Festival City Link Cup 2014”. This event was held by Aro Show and Indo Dragon in the city of Flower Bandung, West-Java, Indonesia from May 13th until 18th 2014.

Grand Champion

ROBIN HE – Robin Arowana Farm

  1st  Prize

 ROBIN HE – Robin Arowana Farm

By the record, this is the 14th time of achievement by RAF. This gives RAF a great feeling of happiness and proudness. Moreover, this title has been achieved in a short period of time, approximately one month after attending the competition in Manila, Philippines. We are grateful for this achievement.

Quality is our main importance and we have proved this through the achievements that we have acquired over time. Therefore, on this occasion let us congratulate and thank the Aro Show and Indo Dragon who have successfully held this event. Also, we would like to say thanks to the sponsors that helped to organize this event.

Mr. ROBIN HE and Mr. David Yuktipada (Festival City Link Cup 2014 committee leader) hold the Grand Champion trophy

Mr. ROBIN HE and Mr. David Yuktipada took a pose with 1st Prize trophy 

We also would like to thank the Arowana fish hobbyists wherever they are who have given attention and support for this event. Without you, we would never be anything. We also would like to thank the judges who have devoted their thought and attention. Finally, also to other parties that we couldn’t mention here one by one. Thank you!

From left to right, Mr. Walujan Tjhin, Mr. Hendri Leong, Mr. Hengki, Mr. Agus Setiawan, and Mr. Ardika Anggriawan

We are hoping this kind of event will continue in the future to benefit the development of Arowana’s world. Congratulation and success to all of us!

The enthusiasm of visitors while attending Festival City Link Cup 2014.