Our founder, Mr. Robin HE, is one of arowana hobbyist since arowana’s name immerges to the market in 1985

His passion for fish starts since he was young. He started at the age of 10 as a tropical fish hobbyist and his passion grew bigger and higher since then. His passion for Arowana made him spent time doing lots of quests to deep rustic West Kalimantan, the habitat of red Arowana, to seek and gather the best quality ones; and then began trading in Arowana.

Mr. Robin HE, who preferred to be called Robin, has always selected the best Arowana from his founding for himself and taking care of them as his private collection. This way, he got the finest adult Arowana when he successfully started the breeding farm in 1993. His experience in collecting, selecting, caring, and trading Arowana is about 25 years now. This experience and together with his best adult Arowana from his private collection as first-generation, there’s no doubt why our farm has and always produces champion quality Arowana.

Mr. Robin HE is also an important figure who starts a depiction of best quality Arowana. Best Arowana must have a wide elongate body, spoon head shape, long and straight tentacle, smooth balanced pectoral fin without any bend, a balance and wide form of tail, dorsal fin, and anal fin, also nonetheless beautiful red color. This description then makes Mr.Takahashi of Aqua Ruby from Japan suggest that he should be called “Robin’s Red”, the first breed from his farm. It was back in 1996. This name is an honored achievement for him because at that time he’s the first man who associates the word RED after a person’s name. Nowadays, Robin’s Red has become very popular and many breeders following his step by putting the word RED after their name.

As years passed by, more and more hobbyists desired high-quality Arowana. Then since 2008, the Indonesian Arowana lover’s society takes Arowana contests to the international level. These contests have judges from many countries. Arowana lovers from all over the world are being united in these events. Robin Arowana Farm has always participated in those championships and we prove that we always produce champion quality Arowana by winning all the most prestigious awards since then. It’s been 5 years in a row now.

Our Arowana is just announced to be Grand Champion of ACI CUP 1 on 25 – 29 at WTC Jakarta – Indonesia, Grand Champion of Ungaran Arowana Contest on 21 – 30 June 2013 at Semarang – Central Java – Indonesia, Grand Champion of Aquarama International Fish Competition at Sands Expo & Convention Center Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 30 May – 2 June 2013, Grand Champion and Young Grand Champion of Borneo International Arowana Contest & Expo 2013 at Pontianak Convention Center ( PCC ), Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia on 15 – 17 March 2013, Grand Champion and Young Grand Champion of Indonesia Pets Plans Aquatic Expo 2012 at WTC Mangga Dua ( Jakarta – Indonesia ), Grand Champion and Young Grand Champion in Arowana Show 2011 Competition held by Indonesian Ministry of Forestry at Mall of Indonesia on 17-25 September 2011 (Jakarta – Indonesia).

Our Arowana also named Grand Champion of Indonesia Pets Plans Aquatic Expo 2010 at WTC Mangga Dua (Jakarta – Indonesia), Borneo International Arowana Contest & Expo 2010 in Pontianak (West Kalimantan – Indonesia ), Alfamart WTC Fish Competition 2009 at WTC Mangga Dua (Jakarta – Indonesia), The International Arowana Exhibition & Contest 2008 in Pontianak (West Kalimantan – Indonesia), Semarang Arowana Contest – Mayor Cup 2008 (Semarang – Indonesia), and Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua Arowana Competition 2008 (Jakarta – Indonesia).

It is plain to see that for Mr. Robin, maintain and increase the champion quality of our Arowana are the highest pride & satisfaction. That is why he committed to keep on giving the best Arowana for Arowana hobbyists all over the world. And without any doubt, we are proud to firm that Arowana with champion quality is the signature of Robin Arowana Farm.